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About Me

I work as an Interaction Designer at Google where I combine human-centered and data-driven design methodologies with a business-oriented approach.

With years of practical experience in front-end development and rapid prototyping with HTML and CSS I deliver on both web and mobile thanks to responsive web design.

With background in typography and visual design I've worked on many branding designs for both small and big companies. Type design remains my passion to this day.

I'm also a dad to three amazing sons. Take a moment to review my portfolio and feel free to contact me with any questions.

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My areas of expertise:

Product design

Before any UI work gets done, I work together with all stakeholders to ensure that all aspects of the product provide a seamless and effective user experience.


Pen and paper are my weapons of choice. Rapidly iterating on designs without restraints of the other tools is what lets me achieve the best results faster.


I enjoy perfecting those small, delightful moments of interaction between the user and product. I strive to create a product that users simply enjoy using.


Whenever I work on web projects I start prototyping as early as possible to be able to test the proper experience, not just mocks or wireframes.


Just like painters should know the properties of the paint and materials they're using, so do I know my medium and feel more than comfortable working with it.


The best part of my work is not only launching a product but improving it over time, seeing customers actually using it, learning from them and improving it again.



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