Time & Activity Tracking App for iPad & Desktop

AGS Insight

AGS Insight is an activity-tracking app used internally by Adobe employees. It's closely integrated with Salesforce which enables employees to more easily track their time spent on certain opportunities.
Built in pure HTML/CSS/JS it leverages the latest and greatest of web technologies to make it easier for Adobe employees to track their activities.

The app

Role Choice Screen
First time users have to choose their role within the organisation: either a Ninja or a Knight (yes, seriously)
Welcome Screen
Welcome Screen provides users with a fast and easy way to jump to ansy section of the app as well as delivers some quick insight into the user's time-tracking data
Accounts Screen
Accounts list lets users search for Salesforce accounts they might be interested in
Schedule Screen
Schedule enables users to quickly create events in a weekly view with a simple drag and drop interaction, as well as specifying events' activity type, account and opportunity
Calendar Screen
Calendar lets users see an overview of their activities with weekly and monthly views
Dashboard Screen
Dasboards provide crucial financial information on both accounts and opportunities, all neatly organized according to the sales stages
Settings Screen
Settings screen allows for an easy configuration of the app as well as the users' and Salesforce data

App's icons

App's icons
App Icon
Bold, recognizable App Icon makes it easy to spot both on iPad and desktop