Logo & Branding

Adobe Shared Services

Shared Services is a sales support organisation consisting of five independed teams: Demo Team, UX Team, Proof of Concept Team, Proposals Team and Value Positioning Team.

When the teams were created, they needed a uniform branding that would carry their disctinct messages accross sales organisation.

Demo Team

Based on its previous logo of an impossible object representation of the moebius strip, it symbolises the reusability and quantity of the demos this team creates.

Proof of Concept Team

The only team to directly interact with the clients on site, rather than working remotely to achieve their goals, their logo is a map pin shape build by an impossible object.

Proposals Team

As part of the Shared Services, they deliver text content for other teams and Requests for Proposals for Adobe's prospects. Impossible object shaped like a two-way pen was chosen as their symbol.

UX Team

The team most strongly focused on the visual side of the Shared Services offerings, their symbol is an impossible object representation of the eye.

Value Positioning Team

Value Positioning specializes in analysis of how the company uses their Adobe (and not only) technology and provides insightful reports with pain points and possible solutions. Their symbol is a signpost-like impossible object showing different directions and suggesting crosssell focus of the team.

Shared Services

One symbol to represent the whole of the Shared Services family was created in a form of an infinite moebius circle represented by yet another impossible object.

All symbols together
All logos were created as impossible objects, which not only strengthens the consistency of the branding as a whole, but is also a subtle hint to the rest of the organization: Shared Services do impossible.
Branding colors
Color code was introduced to visually enhance the separate brands of the teams. It should be used across their independent sites to visually highlight the teams' messaging. It also works together as a combined Shared Services color code, while the Shared Services color remains a toned-down, neutral dark grey.
Combining the color code with the specific symbols, a set of rectangular icons consistent with other Adobe products and teams was created.
All logos were prepared to work even in the most extreme circumstances - here are shown as 16px x 16px favicons.
Full logos
All logos were also given a standard Adobe treatment in regards of typography.
Full logos
Full set of icons in different version that are used throughout Adobe's internal websites.