iPad App Design

Blue Chips

Stock Market App for iPad and Android tablets.

Blue Chips is a cross-platform application that aims to deliver live stock market data... with style.

Done in collaboration with the awesome developer & evangelist Piotr Walczyszyn from Adobe.

*Due to copyright issues all the graphs in this presentation have been created on our own and DO NOT represent any real data.

The main functionality of the app is to show stock values. With this in mind we decided to initially hide all the other functions and features. In result we created an app that uses maximum space to show data, helping the user to focus and concentrate on his task.
Different ideas for the app icon.
Final icon on the iPad's screen.
App startup screen.
I wanted the tablet screen to imitate an old, convex TV screen with interleaving in order to give this app a subtle 80's feel.
The app is also customisable: Users can choose the listed companies that they are interested in.
Users can change the time range and specify how much they want to see at the time (varying from 5days to 6 months of the stock data).

Some details: